The following is a list of educational websites that support student learning in a variety of content areas. Many offer students an opportunity to practice reading skills through fun and interactive ways. Have fun exploring new ways of learning. 

Star Fall

This website is a great way for students to practice phonics and reading skills through interactive games and online books.

Spelling City

This great site, Spelling City, allows students to play interactive games with the weekly spelling words. In addition, students can take a practice spelling test. Many of the games are printable and can be used as one of the weekly spelling activities. This is just another tool and is not mandatory but have fun!

Math Games


Our new math curriculum offers parents and students an opportunity to work on math skills through practice and games.

 IXL: Math Skills Practice

This is a fun, interactive site that allows students to choose from a variety of 1st grade math skills they need to practice. It gives them problems to solve and immediate feedback to let them know if they were correct. At the end of a segment, they can see how many problems they answered correctly. Have fun!


National Geographic Kids 

Have fun learning about all kinds interesting facts about a variety of animals. Use your research to complete your animal report! Enjoy!