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I originally conceived EZClassSites in early 2006 while I was taking courses to get my teaching credential at California State University, San Marcos. At that time I felt that technology was the future of education, but found few tools online that could help me with my various school projects and student teaching assignments. I established EZClassSites under the firm belief that every classroom should have a website that not only serves as a communication tool for parents, students, administrators, and the community, but also as a tool for teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms and to differentiate lessons for their students.

Having always had a love for technology, I began to teach myself how to code and develop websites. With this new knowledge, I began to build EZClassSites.com. Version 1 of the site was launched in March 2007. With virtually no capital, it was definitely a slow start. I traveled to a few trade shows and spent some money advertising on Google. My goal was just to get the word out that this site even existed. Over time word did spread and the sign ups started to come in. In July 2011 I launched Version 2 of the site. As of this writing I have had thousands of teachers sign up on the site and tens of thousands of students and parents create accounts.

The site has, and will always be free to teachers. Since it’s inception I have funded the site myself, and have continued to develop the site in my free time. I do have ads on the free sites, simply to help me with the cost of keeping the site up. I do hope to someday get a premium version of the site up for schools and districts. I have been developing that in my free time for the past few months.

I thank you for taking the time to learn more about EZClassSites. My goal is to bring a website to every classroom. As time permits I will continue to add new and exciting tools to you to help you with your ever-changing classroom needs. If at any time you have questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact.


Cole Randall

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